Dear Parents and Guardians,

On behalf of our Board of Education and entire district staff, I welcome you to the Bethel community and the Bethel Public Schools.

As your partner in your child’s education, it is our shared vision to make Bethel Public Schools a premier district in the state and nation and to be on the leading edge of educational excellence by providing a rigorous core education driven by a technology-powered pedagogy and access to significant opportunities to learn and grow through authentic real-world experiences.  We understand that the new global, know-ledge economy calls all students to be innovators, critical thinkers and creative, collaborative problem solvers.  As such our mission is to prepare students so they possess these skills and have the knowledge and background to work effectively with others in a truly global society.  We are committed to providing such an inspirational educational experience that our graduates will be compassionate, active citizens of the world and proud ambassadors of Bethel wherever their education and experiences may take them. 

 As you begin the process of joining the Bethel community, student registration, and immersion into our schools, I invite you to explore our websites, register your child online at Registration, contact our principals and PTO’s and get a full picture of all that we offer students at every age.  Much scientific research points to strong partnerships between families and schools as a strong factor in the success of children.  There are numerous ways to get involved in the schools and I urge you to engage with our parent/teacher organizations to learn of those opportunities.  Our staff is here to assist you each step of the way.  You can expect to encounter highly professional, engaging, and helpful individuals in every department of our system.  Should you have any questions or concerns or need any assistance please feel free to contact our staff either via email or phone. 

I look forward to meeting you in person and again, extend a warm welcome to our schools.

Dr. Christine Carver
Superintendent of Schools