Facility and Security Operations

Vision Statement 
The mission of the Facility Operation Department, for Bethel Public Schools is to support a quality public school campus experience through effective and timely maintenance, repair, improvement, and cleaning of campus buildings, building-systems, utilities, structural plant equipment, ground maintenance and security systems. Our customers and stake holders are the students, faculty, and staff of Bethel Public Schools, campus visitors, and the community.

Supervisor of Facility and Security Operations
Robert Germinaro

Germinaro Robert Germinaro is the Supervisor of Facility Operations for Bethel Public Schools.  He was appointed to his position July 1, 1996.  Duties involve the operational maintenance and upkeep of each of the school buildings and grounds that make up the David W. Deakin Educational Park. 

Robert is a graduate of Danbury Public Schools with advance studies at University of New Haven for Occupational Safety and Health, University of Hartford, Construction Institute with Certificated in Facility Management, Henry Abbott Regional Technical School for Electrical Apprenticeship and the U.S. Military Leadership Academy (USAR) for Senior enlisted personal.

Prior to his appointment, Mr. Germinaro was in the building construction and electrical trades where he has held a number of key leadership positions with responsibilities as project foreman, electric crew supervisor and quality control inspector.  Robert maintains his State of Connecticut electrical license.

Mr. Germinaro was also the Facility Supervisor for Dathar Rehabilitation Institute with plant maintenance responsibility for their three commercial locations.  Bob also held a technical position for 10 years with his employment with National Semiconductor Corporation in their Safety and Health Department where he had the privilege to work four years teamed with an inspector from Connecticut Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  Together they co-founded NSC Emergency Response Department.  His duties also took him to their California locations.

Mr. Germinaro served in the United States Military for a total of 28 years, combined active and reserve, and retired as a Sergeant Major. 

Mr. Germinaro is married and has three children and two grandchildren.  The Germinaro family reside in Bethel.


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