Board of Education Members

The Bethel Board of Education solicits constituent opinion in all forms. Please feel free to email the Board. Your email will be forwarded to all members at the next regular meeting.

email: [email protected]

If the above link does not work for you, simply type or copy the address into the "To" box of your email.

Please note: All members will receive a copy of your email as part of the public record. Due to State statutes, a response cannot be made until it is reviewed by the Board of Education at its regular meeting. A response, if one is necessary, will be made via U.S. mail.

Jennifer AckermanVice-Chair

4 Walnut Hill Road, Bethel, CT

Scott Clayton

36 Linda Lane, Bethel, CT

Kara DiBartolo

13 Chelsea Road, Bethel, CT
 Bill Foster  55 Ridgedale Road, Bethel, CT
 Jen Larsen, Secretary 128 Grassy Plain St., Bethel, CT

Courtney Martin

38 Starr Lane, Bethel, CT

Daniel Nostin

 42 Linda Lane, Bethel, CT

Melanie O'Brien, Chair

12 Cross Hill Road, Bethel, CT

Cathy Schaefer

53 Hidden Brook Trail, Bethel, CT

The Bethel Board of Education holds its Meetings on Thursdays, once a month.