Board of Education Goals

2023-2024 Board of Education Goals


Classroom Instruction

  1. Ensure classroom instruction is rigorous and relevant, so that students meet  curricular course standards and/or grade level expectations.   

  2. Implement research-based instructional practices in our curriculum, assessment, and instruction that support the Science of Reading; 

Emotional Intelligence

  1. Create a learning environment that fosters the emotional intelligence of our students in order to support their well-being and performance in school and in life.  

  2. Continue to bring mental health awareness to our families and stakeholders.

Community and Collective Purpose

  1. Engage, communicate and advocate for educational excellence, a shared benefit to and responsibility of students, families, educators, staff, town leadership, and members of the community.  

Civility and Inclusion

  1. Emphasize through words and actions within our schools, with stakeholders and the community, the critical importance of civil discourse that respects the rights of others to their opinions.