School Counseling Services

The Bethel Public Schools provides a comprehensive school counseling program with services to all students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. School counselors support the district’s mission to prepare each student to meet high academic standards and to complete school fully prepared to choose from an array of post-secondary options.

What is a School Counselor?

School counselors are professionals with training and skills to support students’ potential for healthy growth in the areas of academic, personal/social, and career development.

What do School Counselors do?

  • Work directly with students and work on students’ behalf through collaboration with parents, other school professionals, and community members.
  • Address students’ academic and emotional needs and design approaches to help students chart a course for their lives and careers beyond school.
  • Provide academic, personal, social, career and college counseling.
  • Provide counseling interventions designed to support student growth and the achievement of goals.
  • Provide counseling dealing with self-image and self-esteem, peer relationships, social skills, coping strategies, and conflict resolution.
  • Provide crisis intervention services.
  • Assist students and their parents in planning for a transition to the next grade or school and in course selection at the higher grades.
  • Provide consultation and communication with parents/guardians to support students’ academic and social success.
  • Assist parents/guardians in helping families support students’ growth.
  • Provide advocacy for students.
  • Provide consultation to school staff.

Counselors accomplish their work with students through:

  • Direct services to students individually, in groups, and in the classroom setting.
  • Individual student planning and goal-setting.
  • Group skill building activities.
  • Class instruction based on the developmental school counseling curriculum.
  • Preventative and responsive interventions.
  • Consultation with parents, school, and community.

The aim of the comprehensive school counseling program is to promote students’ academic, social, and emotional growth and to encourage healthy development across the school years. Our counselors are here to help parents with concerns regarding their child’s development. Feel free to contact your child’s school counselor whenever you have a concern or question about your child or if you’d like more information about the school counseling program.

Bethel School Counselors

Frank A. Berry School
Jennifer Aponte
[email protected]

Anna H. Rockwell School
Mary Plunske
[email protected]

Ralph M.T. Johnson School 
Joe Melo
[email protected]

Bethel Middle School
Elaine Godfrey
203-794-8670, extension 2112
[email protected]

Kelly Clark
203-794-8670, extension 2111
[email protected] 

Amy Mannion

203-794-8670, extension 2110
[email protected]

Bethel High School
Leanne Fuccillo, Department Chair
203-794-8600, extension 1433
[email protected]

Megan Mason 
203-794-8600, extension 1436
[email protected]

Michelle DeBenedetto
203-794-8600, extension 1434
[email protected]

Corrine Caridi
203-794-8600, extension 1431
[email protected]