School Psychological Services

Each student is a unique combination of cognitive abilities, learning style, previous experience and accomplishments, interests, motivation, emotional make up, and coping skills.  Difficulties in any of these areas or in their relationship with the various aspects of the educational experience can result in diminished success in school.  All students have a right to be successful, and these differences should never limit the opportunity to achieve.  School psychologists employ expertise in the areas of child development, learning, personality dynamics, assessment strategies, counseling, and behavior management techniques through a variety of services in an effort to promote success in school for all students.  Typically, school psychologists are regularly involved in consultation with parents and teachers, direct intervention with students, and assessment of students referred by the special education planning and placement team.

The school psychologists may be contacted through the telephone numbers and email addresses listed below to consult regarding individual student’s learning, school performance, development, behavior, or emotional functioning.  Students may meet with the school psychologist in their building to discuss issues related to their learning and school experience.  Formal assessments are conducted at the request of the planning and placement team when students are being considered for special education services.

Certified School Psychologists:

NCSP: Nationally Certified School Psychologist

Please contact Amy Shulkin with any questions regarding School Psychological Services.

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