District Wellness Information

The Bethel Board of Education recognizes that childhood obesity has reached epidemic levels in Connecticut and throughout the country. Overweight children are at a higher risk for developing severe long-term health problems, and overweight children are affected by discrimination, psychological stress, and low self-esteem. However, research indicates that obesity and subsequent diseases are largely preventable through diet and regular physical activity. Research also indicates that becoming physically active and maintaining a regular physical activity program significantly reduces the risk of obesity, and some cancers, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. 

Children who eat well-balanced meals and are healthy are more likely to be successful learners in the classroom. The Bethel Board of Education supports increased emphasis on nutrition as well as physical activity, at all grade levels to enhance the well-being of our District's youth.

In order to respond appropriately and efficiently to these serious nutrition and health issues, the Bethel Public Schools will establish an ongoing District Wellness Committee to establish goals for and oversee school health and nutrition policies and programs, including development, implementation, and periodic review. You can view the Student Wellness and Nutrition Policies and other helpful information by clicking on the links below. 

If you would like to volunteer to serve on the District Wellness Committee, please contact the Superintendent, Dr. Christine Carver, at [email protected].

To view the District Wellness Policy,   click here and enter 6142.101 in the search bar.   Locate the policy in the search results and click to view. 

 District Physical Fitness Results  - 2015-2017 

Wellness Policy  - Triennial Assessment