BHS Alumni Reunions

Class reunions and area reunions are held on a regular basis. The Association provides guidance in planning for such events. Class lists and current addresses can also be provided upon request.

Upcoming Class Reunions

The classes of 1976 (35th reunion) and 1975 will celebrate a combined reunion on the weekend of September 17th, 2011. There will be a dinner on Saturday night at Three Oaks/Capellaro's Grove in Bethel.The class of '76 will also have a get together on Friday night with details forthcoming. BHS alumni from any class can attend this evening. There may also be an event that night for the class of '75. Please email your current mailing address to the following people and also send any other classmate's information. Please spread the word about this reunion (both groups are on Facebook).

Class of 1976: Debbie Scolpino Nelson: [email protected]

Class of 1975: Nancy Hall Parker: [email protected]

We are looking forward to a great reunion!


Class Reunion Procedures

1. Establish a committee – 4 or 5 can do the job; at least one member should reside locally; determine how committee members will communicate (e-mail, telephone, face-to-face).

2. Prepare a mailing list of classmates if one doesn’t already exist. The Alumni Association can provide such a list but it may need updating.

3. Develop a questionnaire to assess preferences regarding time of year, location and type of event (picnic, dinner-dance, etc.). Mail this to members with a “return by” date. The responses will help you to determine if you should proceed and, if so, the type of event preferred by most. You’ll also learn how many plan to attend.

4. Choose a date and location (restaurant with dance floor, private home, commercial picnic site such as Capellaro’s Grove or a municipal site such as the Bennett property).

5. Establish the per person costs including postage, decorations, food, gifts, guest’s expenses, insurance costs, facility rental costs, etc. The projected head count will help you determine costs.

6. Prepare and mail a flyer that includes all necessary information including directions to the site. Be sure that even “not interested” classmates receive the flyer. Include the customary tear off response form with a “not later than” date for return.

7. Set up subcommittees to handle other tasks relevant to the type of event taking place. The lead time needed and the number and duties of subcommittees will depend on the type of activity you’ve planned.

8. Schedule a meeting of the 4 or 5 planning committee members as soon as possible following the event. Take notes and start a file. This will help in planning future events.

NOTE: All costs associated with these types of events must be borne by the participants. There is no other revenue source. Also, you may wish to establish a bank account to help in processing the revenues and disbursements.