Susan Paré, Exec. Asst.

imgSusan Paré is the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools.

Mrs. Paré has been with the Bethel Public Schools since 1990. She was the Secretary to the Assistant Principal at Bethel High School from 1990 - 2000, Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent from 2000 - 2007, when she was appointed to Executive Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools.

Mrs. Paré manages the Superintendent’s office. She acts as the liaison between the Superintendent’s office and the schools, Town Hall, the media, service and education organizations, local and State legislators, and the community at large. She is responsible for all telephone and written correspondence, maintaining the Superintendent’s and district calendar, and organizes all workshops, conferences and meetings directed by the Superintendent.

Mrs. Paré works very closely with the Bethel Board of Education. She prepares the agenda and the corresponding packets for all Board of Education meetings and Board of Education subcommittee meetings. She acts as liaison between the Board and the administration, staff, and public. She has been the Board’s recording secretary for twelve years.

Mrs. Paré works with the Policy Review Subcommittee of the Board of Education to keep the Policy and Regulation Manuals of the district up to date. She prepares, updates and maintains the district’s Parent/Student Handbook, Emergency Crisis Manual and Emergency Procedures Manual, and Job Descriptions Manual to name a few. She also prepares, tracks, submits and maintains the file of State and Federal reports and grants for the district. Mrs. Paré is also a member of the district's Technology Plan Revision Committee, and a member of both the Connecticut Association of Educational Office Professionals, CAEOP, and the National Association of Educational Office Professionals, NAEOP

Mrs. Paré lives in Brookfield with her husband and Bethel graduate, Mario and their two children Danielle, a college Junior, and Sean, a recent Brookfield High School Class of 2014 graduate. Mrs. Paré feels that the school system is the heart of the community with the schools being entrusted with their most precious commodity, the children. Working at the Board of Education is a pleasure and Mrs. Paré enjoys the daily interaction with her coworkers in the Central Office, staff in the schools, the Board of Education, PTO, local and State legislators, and community.