Summer's BEST/Summer School Program

Summer’s BEST has been reimagined for Summer 2021! The Bethel Public Schools will be offering exciting and dynamic summer programs following State and BPS safety protocols. Will will offer one three-week session of programs for grades Pre-K through Grade 2 (this is the current grade of your child). Class sizes are limited to 12 students each. We hope to create a summertime adventure of discovery, fun, and learning that will enrich your child. The Enrichment programs are self-funding. The cost of each program is set to cover the cost of the teacher and the materials. You will be sending your child to a fun, safe, educational program at Berry School.  

How to Register: ONLINE, starting May 3rd, at 7:00 AM through Pickatime.

Save July 6- July 23 to enroll your child in a rewarding summer experience!


Linda Anderson

     Coordinator of Community Programs


Registration Opens
May 3, 2021 at 7:00 AM - Online through Pickatime
Click Here to use the
PickATime Registration Page Link
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will be live at 7 AM on May 3rd

Questions? Please email Linda Anderson at