Business Office

Department Mission
We will advance the vision and mission of Bethel Public Schools by supporting the organization in both the
routine and strategic areas of business and do so in a user-friendly environment.

Theresa D. Yonsky  - Director of Fiscal Services

Business Office Staff Directory

Theresa Yonsky Director Fiscal Services
(203) 794-8603
Trisha Dee Admin. Assist. to Director of Fiscal Services (203) 794-8604
Debra Demuth Student Activities/Bookkeeper
(203) 794-8619
Robert Germinaro
Supervisor of Facility & Security Operations (203) 794-8609
Dickie Kolwicz
Courier (203) 794-8603
Debra Roper
Payroll Coordinator (203) 794-8608
Robin Koval Accounts Payable Coordinator  (203) 794-8607
Suzanne Rodgers
Accounting Supervisor (203) 794-8605
Laila Rudinas  Human Resources Manager (203) 794-8611