Anna H. Rockwell Elementary School is located in the education park in Bethel, CT. We are a K-3 school that engages 380+ students in challenging work every day. All of our curriculum areas have been updated to include new state standards and we have very effective data teams, SRBI interventions, and high functioning Professional Learning Communities in place. The parent community collaborates closely with our staff to motivate each student to do their best all day long in all academic areas. The town of Bethel supports education through the budgetary process and there are numerous opportunities for the children to engage in sport and other lifelong pursuits through the Park and Recreation activities, church programs and a myriad of activities designed to enrich the lives of the children of Bethel.

Our school focuses on developing responsible, kind and respectful young people and this is our vision for the future for all of the students under our care. We have very high expectations for academic achievement, effort and behavior and continuously recognize improvements in these areas. The entire staff works diligently at being positive role models for the students as they begin to develop important social skills, a strong work ethic and a caring heart.