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Kindergarten Readiness

KindergartenReadiness1.jpgWELCOME to the Bethel Public School’s Kindergarten Readiness page!

As parents, you are your child’s first and most important teachers. You play a key role in your child’s success in school. Parents who engage their children in activities that allow them to talk, play, explore, create, experiment, and question show that learning is both enjoyable and important. Studies have shown that when young children are provided an environment rich in language and literacy interactions and full of opportunities to listen to and use language constantly, they enter kindergarten prepared and ready to learn.

Research also shows that children are more likely to succeed in learning when their families and the school work together. We hope to build a strong parent-school partnership that will promote essential learning and development of every child. This site provides you with information about kindergarten readiness and activities that you can do at home to encourage your child to be an active learner. Look for everyday activities that you can enhance and adapt to increase your child’s learning. It is important to know that you can “preserve childhood” while giving your child the skills needed to be successful in school.

KindergartenReadiness2.jpgThere is no perfect blueprint for Kindergarten readiness. Skills in literacy, numeracy, oral language, fine motor (ex: holding a pencil) and gross motor (ex: skipping), as well as social and emotional factors have all been linked to success in kindergarten. The Connecticut State Department of Education has posted a Fall Kindergarten Entrance Inventory to describe the characteristic of a typical in-coming Kindergartener.

Remember that each child has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Growth of childhood skills is often uneven. Every child develops, grows and learns at different rates. Your child may already be successful at some skills but need more time and practice to develop others. The key is to give your child plenty of opportunities in all developing skill areas. Be patient and have fun with your child and these activities.

Click on the links below to explore engaging, educational, fun and developmentally appropriate activities to do with your child, important educational information, and links to websites for both parents and children.

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