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Circle of Friends


Circle of Friends is an innovative preschool program that integrates children with and without special needs. Children without special needs are accepted on a tuition basis. Circle of Friends offers developmentally appropriate programs for three and four year olds. Class meets 4 days a week with morning and afternoon sessions which are two hours and forty minutes long. An excellent staff-to-child ratio is maintained.


We believe that children learn through play, and that play must be a significant component in a preschool program. Play is the means through which children can both learn about their world and demonstrate their understanding of it.

As a team of early childhood specialists, we design activities that enable children to develop and trust their own abilities to interact with each other and with materials. We recognize that each child develops at his/her own rate and in an individual style. Our goal is to provide experiences through which each child will develop a sense of competence and pride in his/her accomplishments.

Nothing is more central to our philosophy than building children’s self-esteem. It is only through children’s own positive self-concept that they can develop a respect for others.


The goals of the program are:

1. To offer developmentally appropriate early childhood education to all children
2. To promote respect for individual differences and to develop an appreciation for the diversity within our society
3. To foster children’s sense of community and belonging
4. To enable all children to effectively communicate their ideas, desires and feelings.
5. To help children develop a respect for the feelings and needs of others.

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