Welcome to Bethel High School!  Each day we work to support our mission of developing life-long learners who are responsible citizens and independent, critical thinkers prepared to meet life’s challenges.  The Bethel High School staff works extremely hard to provide an outstanding educational experience for each student which includes real world opportunities that make learning relevant and meaningful.  Bethel High School offers 15 AP courses as well as the opportunity for students to take UConn and WestConn credit courses at our school.  Upper classmen are encouraged to take classes on-line through Virtual High School and classes at nearby college campuses so that they are well prepared to meet the challenges they will face when they graduate.  All students are expected to get involved with extracurricular activities that help them to make strong connections with our staff and student body.  These include a full range of freshman, junior varsity and varsity athletics, music and art programs, NJROTC, digital arts and science programs and a wealth of club activities.  Students entering Bethel High School as freshman are encouraged to participate in the three day freshman orientation that prepares them for their transition into the high school.  The BHS Class of 2015 is the first class partaking in the CT Capstone Program allowing students to develop a career plan and to explore options for the future while integrating skills learned throughout high school.  An advisory program helps students strengthen their social and emotional skills and develop strong character traits as they transition through adolescence.  In 2011, Bethel Public Schools introduced our new policy of bringing your own technology to school which will allow students to access the internet and web with their own devices in our wireless environment.

In 2009, the NEASC chairperson called Bethel High School a “great school”.  I am confident you will also find that to be the case.  I encourage you to explore our website and learn about all of the wonderful program and opportunities that are available.

Bethel High School
300 Whittlesey Drive, Bethel, CT 06801 - Phone: 203.794.8600 - Fax: 203.778.7448