Director of Teaching and Learning


Michelle Rutledge

Director of Teaching & Learning

Mrs. Michelle Rutledge was appointed to the position of Director of Teaching and Learning on July 1, 2014.

Mrs. Rutledge began her teaching career in Bethel in 1997 first serving as a teacher at Rockwell Elementary School, then as an Instructional Coach.  In 2011, she was promoted to Supervisor of Reading and Language Arts.  In her years as Teacher, Instructional Coach, and Supervisor, Mrs. Rutledge has been responsible for implementing Professional Learning Communities and data teams across the district, overseeing the administration of the Smarter Balanced Assessment, taken the lead in designing, implementing and managing all aspects of Bethel's Student Learning Data management system, and working with educators to analyze student learning data to provide targeted instruction to meet the needs of all students.

In the area of teaching and learning, Mrs. Rutledge has been a key leader in developing and implementing rigorous curricula aligned to state and national standards and works closely with educators to develop instructional strategies and assessment for learning that support the curriculum while engaging students in critical thinking, collaboration and communication, and creativity and innovation.  Mrs. Rutledge participated in the development of Bethel Public School’s first Strategic Plan and oversees the key strategic area, All Students Can Learn.  Mrs. Rutledge has lead a team of educators and administrators resulting in the development of a systematic PreK-12 SRBI process to ensure the success of all students in the district.

In her work overseeing the English as a Second Language program, she collaborates with all staff and families to ensure that every English Learner in Bethel has a smooth transition, as well as access to a rigorous grade-level, language-focused program in all content areas that will help them acquire the English Language and prepare them to be college and career ready.  As a member of the Family School Partnership, Mrs. Rutledge works with parents and staff to enhance communication between home and school, and plan for activities such as our annual Parent University.

Mrs. Rutledge has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Science in Elementary Education from Southern Connecticut. She earned her certificate in Intermediate Administration and Supervisions (092) and a 6th Year Degree in Educational Supervision and Administration from Sacred Heart University, and her certificate for Superintendent of Schools (093) from Central Connecticut State University.

As proud Bethel alumna, Mrs. Rutledge is keenly aware of how extraordinary Bethel Public Schools are and is passionate about ensuring the best educational opportunities possible for children.  


Mrs. Rutledge lives with her husband Todd, daughter, Maggie, and five dogs.