Assistant Superintendent

Dr. Kristen Brooks
Assistant Superintendent

Dr. Kristen Brooks is the Assistant Superintendent of the Bethel Public Schools, a position she has held since July, 2014.  In this role, Dr. Brooks focuses on developing rigorous curricula aligned to state and national standards and works closely with educators to develop instructional strategies that support the curriculum while engaging students in critical thinking, collaboration and communication, and creativity and innovation.  

Dr. Brooks also works with educators to create and refine authentic assessments where students can demonstrate their learning, and partners with the Professional Learning Council to plan relevant and sustained learning opportunities that align to the district’s mission and goals for educators and administrators.  She also oversees the Educator Evaluation and Support Council as it promotes continuous improvement in teaching and learning through reflective practice, meaningful feedback, and continuous collaboration among educators and administrators. Dr. Brooks leads the efforts of the Family School Partnership Committee to create family participation initiatives and programs, such as the annual Parent University, for the purpose of fostering the growth and development of students. In addition, Dr. Brooks leads the district’s TEAM (Teacher Education and Mentoring) Program that supports educators new to the system and the profession.  

Dr. Brooks joined the Bethel Public Schools as the principal of Frank A. Berry School, a position she held for eight years. Prior to this, she served  as a kindergarten and first grade teacher in the Waterbury Public School System.

Dr. Brooks earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Merrimack College, a Master’s of Science in Early Childhood Education from Central Connecticut State University, a Sixth Year degree in Education Supervision and Administration from Sacred Heart University, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Central Connecticut State University.

She resides with her husband Matt, their two children, Regan and Finn, and their Bernese Mountain Dog.