District Safe School Climate Information

District Safe School Climate Plan 

The Bethel Board of Education is committed to creating and maintaining a physically, emotionally, and intellectually safe educational environment free from bullying, teen dating violence, harassment, and discrimination. To further foster safe, engaging learning environments in every District school, a District Safe School Climate Committee was established in June 2010.

The District Safe School Climate Plan represents a comprehensive approach to address bullying, teen dating violence, and cyberbullying, as well as “mean behavior,” and sets forth the Board’s expectations for creating a positive school climate and thus preventing, intervening, and responding to incidents of bullying, harassment, or mean behavior.​

The District Safe School Climate Plan can be accessed here.

Bullying Information: 

Definition of Bullying

“Bullying” means the repeated use by one or more students of a written, verbal, or electronic communication, such as cyberbullying, or a physical act or gesture by one or more students repeatedly directed at or referring to another student attending school in the same district that:

1. causes physical or emotional harm to such student or damage to such student’s property;
2. places such student in reasonable fear of harm to himself or herself, or of damage to his or her property;
3. creates a hostile environment at school for such student;
4. infringes on the rights of such student at school; or
5. substantially disrupts the education process or the orderly operation of the school.

Complaint Form-Bullying

Bullying Policy

Sexual Harrassment Information: 

SEXUAL HARASSMENT IS PROHIBITED based on Federal Law - Title IX of
the Education Amendments of 1972, and State Law – Sec. 10-15c. Harassment - based on sexual orientation is also protected under State Law – Sec. 10-15c.

Harassment is Illegal

Complaint Form- Sexual Harrassment


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